Who does not want to spend the winter holidays in the Alps? It is one of the best places on Earth to experience the cold and pristine snow.

The Alps is the highest mountain range in Europe. It runs across various countries: France, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, and Slovenia. As you can see, any one of these countries can serve as the entry point. The Alpine region has around a hundred peaks that rise above 4,000 metres above sea level.

Because of the conditions in the Alpine region, it makes for a great option for a winter holiday. But what exactly does it mean to spend the winter in the Alps?

About winters in the Alps

When you are deciding on a winter holiday, the Alps will naturally be a part of your options. It is the top skiing destination in Europe. There are various skiing resorts, chalets, and lodgings that you can go to. This will take you in close proximity to the beautiful slopes in the Alps.

Winter holidays in the Alps are very beautiful. The sun keeps on shining and the deep blue sky makes for a tranquil and relaxing background. The slopes are specifically groomed for skiing and snowboarding.

Apart from the winter sports activities, you will also love the beautiful sights around you. The view of nature up in the Alpine region is breathtaking. Most people stay for a long time to enjoy everything that their surroundings can offer. In fact, those who have had the pleasure of going to the Alps find themselves coming back for more.

Best places to stay in the Alps

Obviously, spending the winter holidays in the Alps would mean finding a place to stay. So what are your options around the Alps?

Chalet Petite Marmotte

If you are looking for a romantic getaway, this is the place you want to go to. The chalet is very small yet is perfect for a couple. The bedroom is very cosy, has a hot tub, and has the perfect fireplace to provide warmth for the whole place. This rustic retreat is a great way to celebrate your love with a special someone. Skiing from this chalet is convenient since the La Granges piste is just outside your door. It sits at the edge of the Park National de Vanoise. The place includes an open bar, full catering, a resort driver service, and daily housekeeping.

Chalet Baby Bear

This is another perfect getaway for a winter holiday. It is hidden in a private woodland area with a perfect view of the Les Bossons and the Chamonix Valley. The whole chalet is both modern and rustic. It provides a great view of the outside world. It has a spacious terrace that you can lounge in and the living and dining areas are fully equipped for a comfortable stay. What is great about this place is that you do not have to stick to skiing or snowboarding alone. You can also enjoy snowshoeing, spa facilities, and even helicopter rides.

Chalet Cygnet

This is a very luxurious place to spend the holidays in the Alps. It is in Nendaz, Switzerland – right where the Rhone Valley is. The views of the surrounding valley are gorgeous and breathtaking. And the sunsets are just as marvelous as the views around you. This chalet is big enough for four people – which makes it ideal for a small family. The chalet is right in the middle of the main lift that will help you get to the Veysonnaz or Verbier of the Swiss Alps.

Consider these chalets when you have plans to spend the winter holidays in the Alps. There are so many other options to choose from and you might want to consider which country you will access the Alps before you decide on where you will stay.