There are many unusual places to stay all over the world. If you are looking for a romantic getaway with your special someone, what better place to reconnect and rekindle your love than staying in one of these unusual places?

Appeal of staying in unusual places

But what exactly is the appeal of staying in these places? First of all, doing something different with a loved one is always a great way to bond with each other. You are both discovering something new and that will help you connect on a different and hopefully deeper level.

Another appeal of choosing to stay in these unusual places is the sense of adventure. The simple fact that you tried something that is out of the ordinary is interesting enough. The whole experience will give you new memories that will definitely be one of the best in your life.

Over the years, these unusual accommodations have started cropping up around the world. You have a lot of options in case you want your next romantic holiday to be an adventurous one.

Unusual romantic places to stay

Here are some of the best unusual places to stay.

Christ’s College Cambridge

This is right at the heart of the city. It was initially established in 1437 and was refounded by Lady Margaret Beaufort in 1505. This historic building is a great oasis that will give you an exciting accommodation option in the city.

Knights Glamping at Leeds Castle

You know how knights used to stay in tents before they go to battle? That is something that you can experience at Leeds Castle. The accommodation is comfortable and has a four-poster bed and other furnishings. The meals are served over the open fire pit.

Mingary Castle

This castle has been renovated to restore its former 13th-century glory. It is situated on top of a rocky outcrop that extends above the Sound of Mull. This castle used to be the seat of the Clan Maclain and has since been renovated to have suites and dining facilities.

Yellow Sub

This is like a houseboat that is right at the heart of the Albert Dock in Liverpool. This is houseboat has a Beatles and Mod vibe to it. You will really like exploring the film and music memorabilia that is inside this 3-bedroom accommodation.

Treehouse Hotel

This is located near the downtown area of Atlanta and has three separate rooms. These rooms are all connected by rope-bridges. What is great about this is the fact that you can move the bed because it has wheels. There is a stream below the tree house and the views of the surrounding area are spectacular.

Thorny Mountain Fire Tower

Have you ever seen a fire tower in a forest? Well, turns out you can sleep in one. It is in the Seneca State Forest and near the Greenbrier River. The tower can be rented overnight and has enough living and sleeping space for a couple. It is a great place to gaze at the stars too.

The Keeper’s Room

This is located at the back the house of the head lightkeeper. The place offers a private room and bathroom. You will not be staying at the actual lighthouse but you can access it through the free tours. There is also a museum that you can explore during your stay.

Royal Scotsman

Among the other unusual places to stay, this one is mobile. You will stay inside a moving train that weaves through the Scottish Highlands. You will see quaint villages and also the beautiful lochs that are famous in this country. The cabins all have a private bathroom and shower. The service is also superb and can rival that of luxurious hotels.