There are many holiday cottages for couples in the UK. If you are here for your honeymoon or out for a romantic getaway with your special someone, these cottages should be the best option for you in terms of accommodations.

What is a holiday cottage?

But what exactly are these holiday cottages?

This is one of your accommodation options when you decide to go on a holiday in the UK. While there are hotels, bed and breakfasts, and other lodging options, there seems to be an abundance of holiday cottages all around the UK.

These properties are usually owned by private individuals. These are small homes that can be rented by tourists and vacationers. Those renting the property can enjoy all the facilities and equipment inside the house.

For most couples, this is a great option because it minimises the daily cost that they have to shoulder. These cottages are equipped with a kitchen that they can use to cook their own meals. The privacy and the freedom to cater to their own needs have its benefits.

Some options for holiday cottages for couples

In case you are looking for holiday cottages for couples in the UK, here are some of the options that you can look into.

Hayloft, Manor House Stables, Lincolnshire

This is just near Woodhall Spa and it is in the perfect rural area that you can find. This particular cottage can accommodate up to 4 people but it is also perfect for 2. This romantic place is both luxurious yet eco-friendly. It is actually a converted stable with an 18th-century vibe. It is near the Lincolnshire coast. The nearby surroundings are perfect for those who are looking, not just for a romantic retreat, but also a peaceful and tranquil place to spend with a loved one.

Asphodel Cottage, Tarlton, Gloucestershire

This old cottage is a perfect haven for couples. Built back in 1624, the place has gone through some restoration and renovations that transformed it into a beautiful one-bedroom cottage. It has a garden outside that will give guests a great view of the countryside. It is in the Tarlton village but is relatively near Cirencester.

The Owlery, Dittiscombe, Devon

This beautiful and rustic cottage is perfect for two people. It is right in the Dittiscombe Valley that provides a lot of opportunities for couples to unwind. This cottage is in an open space – around twenty acres of ponds, meadows, and woodlands. You will enjoy viewing the wildlife in the English countryside – right from the comforts of the cottage garden.

The Pump House, Ilkley, Yorkshire

This cottage can sleep 2 people and exudes a luxurious vibe. It is restored from being a pump house. While it stays true to its industrial roots, the cottage also has everything you will need to be comfortable. It gives you the 5-star experience that will make your stay – not just romantic, but also convenient. It even has a private hot tub that will give you a great view.

Consider these holiday cottages for couples if you are planning on going a romantic vacation in the UK.